Other’s Blog

A Showcase of Periya Periya Pista’s Matter, Namma Pasanga Matter, Public Matter ( i.e Blogs )

Pista’s Matter

People who write things on various area like LifeHacks, Technical , Technological stuffs. I’m wondering what their brain is made of. Ennatha potu than valapangalo..

  • MakeUseOf – Wondering how many things are around the WWW and how to make use of. Go, look into this site and make use of it.
  • LifeHacker – People pour down their findings ( Hacks ) from their life and let other’s know. But, they don’t want to accept my very valuable life findings…:-(

My Friends Matter

My friends & Collegues writing. Yet another Pistas….

  • Krish Ashok’s peela – Evvolavu Jilpa kaaturar intha manusar…Jalsa, Jilpa everything he likes ( even he has meanings for it 😮 ).Go on read his peela’s and you will love it.
  • Ammu’s ( Bommu Kutti Ammu’va? ) – Amrutha Bhave, Oru Peter akka. A book bug, worm, insect, and be any damn thing in reading.
  • Selective Amnesia – Chandrachoodan’s Mind. I guess he Forget’s the needed!!! A good Photographer and a critic.
  • Nasty Little Thing Production – Very Nasty & yet Tasty…his blog full of Blood splats, FPS Games, Movies ..Wonder How he did became a H.R!!

Public Matter

  • Chennai Metroblogging – Site that every Chennai’te should read to know about Chennai. I bet you will come to know a lot of stuffs about chennai.
  • Will add more…