List of Antivirus Software Suits to ur Computer

The 7 antivirus softwares that have been discussed here

  1. ALWIL Avast Antivirus
  2. F-secure Anti-Virus
  3. Girsoft AVG Anti-Virus
  4. Mcfee VirsScan
  5. Panda Titanium Antivirus
  6. Sophos Anti-Virus
  7. Symantec Norton Antivirus

ALWIL Avast Antivirus

The first thing you notice about AVAST ANTIVIRUS is how utterly different it looks from any of the competition. It looks more like Winamp or windows media player in skinned..(physical outlook of software means) . The interesting part of this software is that Avast is the only anti-virus package that I’ve come come that’s as skinnable as the media players haha yes… by default when u install this software it has 3 skins in it’s setting dialogue box… but u can download more skins from it’s website..(strange bcoz antivirus software product should be more serious in it’s look to give more impression).


Beside its cosmetic outlook..if we talk about it’s speed that sure … it’s very fast and very effective.. means no matter which pc u have but it just scan in the background in a perfect way.. just like any media player that when ever u connect ur computer.. u just start ur media player.. tune some songs and start doing ur work.. it’s just like that that it just start scanning the background and will not effect ur work and u can work in a very smooth way…

Operation: –

In Operation, (means in testing of the software in scanning out the viruses), Avast performs in a perfect way. Means it has passes all the test samples. Alerts are noticeable without being too intrusive & everything you’d expect in a virus killer is here in this software. It may be slightly slower than some but it performs well.

Details: –

Ease of Use : 4 Star – Features : 3 Star – Performance : 4 Star Value for Buying : 5 Star

Overall : 77% (An interesting little package, & perfect if you’re keen on programs which support skins)

Publisher : ALWIL Sofware

Retailer’s Website :

Price : FREE for Personal use

System Requirement : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


Using program that’s been around since the days of MS-DOS provides a certain satisfaction. You feel confident that it’s likely to be around in years to come, a feeling which new packages can’t quite engender. The Interface is clean & well organized & the layout is reminiscent of Norton Antivirus in many respects.

Low Footprint: –

Compare to some big antivirus, F-secure has a relatively low memory & resource footprint means if u r using an old machine like 500 Mhz then it’s nice to know you won’t feel a huge slowdown as you work.Whether it finds a virus attempting access to the system during the real-time monitoring or a dormant one on disk during the on-demand scan,F-secure is efficient without being overly paranoid.

Operation: –

F-secure can catch every virus and has passes all the test samples which are perform on it, and it also catches some hidden inside system-level driver files which were disabled and unused. While all of the other packages can catches the same no. of viruses, but F-secure can spot them much earlier-full marks. I’m confident that F-secure will trap new infections as they arise & mutate into existence & I can happily recommend it, especially if you have an older or less well-endowed PC in terms of memory.

Details: –

Ease of Use : 3 Star – Features : 3 Star – Performance : 4 Star – Value for Buying : 3 Star

Overall : 85% (A Solid package with a smart interface that’s easy to use. Worth using on older PCs)

Publisher : F-Secure

Retailer’s Website :

Price : 30₤

System Requirement : Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP


Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus is a Product that many websites and magazines have championed over the past few years and for many good reasons. First, it’s a simple fit-and-forget solution. Second, it’s robust & reliable & catches everything you care to infect your system with. Third, AVG is completely free.

The problem is that Grisoft people are not updating this software frequently as it should have to be.. it seemed to be that Grisoft is was advancing the enterprise editionsof the program while effectively freezing development of the freeware edition. And that’s wat actual thing is..that Grisoft people are working on the enterprise edition and not updating this freeware edition..

Standing Still: –

Beside all this criticisms… AVG is still the fine product it always was. The interface is colourful and reasonably intuitive, but isn’t quite as simple to use for more complex scans as some of the competition. But according to the current scenario.. means after all the above mentioned things..AVG becomes harder to recommend as time passes & alternative freeware products such as ALWIL’s Avast Anti-virus appear on the market. There’s nothing wrong with a freeware version as it can be compared with the payware versions in the market but Grisoft seems to be developing the commercial products while ignoring the freeware version. The virus definitions are still updated regularly, but we can’t help wonder how long this will last too.

Details: –

Ease of Use : 3 Star – Features : 2 Star – – Performance : 3 Star – Value for Buying : 4 Star

Over all : 69% (Still a good suite, but need to move with times to stay in touch with the market)

Publisher : Grisoft

Retailer’s Website :

Price : Free for Personal Use

System Requirements : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


Wat so say about this BIG Product… Depending on how u like ur virus killer to work, Mcafee Virus Scan is happy to adapt. It’s biggest quality is same as like Norton that just install it and forget.. means u just don’t have to configure it that how to scan this and that… you can accept the default settings and go gor a true fit-and-forget solution. Everything is performed in the background as you work and play, from downloading updates to the virus definitions & scanning engine to performing both scheduled and real-time scanning & checking. If u want more control, Mcafee Virus scan can be set to provide more feedback as it does its job, using the nonintrusive mini-dialogs which slide up from the system tray.

Operations: –

Mcafee virus scan has passed all the virus tests…including the ones that were kept hidden to a rather extreme degree. This really is the Rolls-Royce of Virus protection

Details: –

Ease of Use : 5 Star

Features : 5 Star

Performance : 4 Star

Value for Buying : 4 Star

Overall : 93% (Wat else u want to hear about… it’s simply the best)

Publisher : McAfee

Retailer’s Website :

Price : 35 ₤

System Requirement : Windows 98/ME/200 PRO/XP, 300Mhz Processor, 128 MB Ram


Panda’s Biggest Claim to Fame for all of it’s antivirus products is that it updates the virus definitions files used by the scanning engine more often than the competition – according to Panda, it’s at least one per day. In the fast-moving world of PC viruses, this is no bad thing. Updates are automatic seamless & won’t trouble you at all if you have a broadband connection (otherwise if u r using cable net or hours.. then… aaahh.. wat to say…bcoz as u know that any antivirus software when start downloading the updates on the virus.. then it will take times a lot as each file is of 4 to 10 MB…)

While Some virus scanners like to throw up violently coloured flashing dialogs when the real-time engine finds an infection. Titanum doesn’t like Mcafee Virus Scan, Panda grabs ur attention with a rising mini dialog from the system tray. It’s effective without scare-mongering and I like this approach.

Operations: –

In use, Panda stopped all of test viruses.. worms.. and scripts completely dead in their tracks without fail. Since the program is fully ICS certified, but it’s always good to see a piece of software perform reliably without a fuss. The ease of use coupled with the effectiveness & seamless updates make this a very worthwhile package indeed.

Details: –

Ease of Use : 4 Star

Features : 3 Star

Performance : 4 Star

Value for Buying : 4 Star

Over All : 85% (A competent & pleasing package that’s certainly one to watch as it evolves)

Publisher : Panda Software

Retailer’s Website :

Price : 20 ₤

System Requirements : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


This is a product that looks like it belongs not to the last generation of software, but rather the one b4 that haha. The rather staid tabbed interface with Windows 98 style icons doesn’t quite look the part in these days of customizable & easy-to-navigate front-ends, it has to be said. Even the simple fact that it installs to a folder called Sophos Sweep for NT while under windows XP does little to make u feel you’re using a modern package.

Slower than usual: –

Still, Sophos is nowhere near the fastest on-demand scanner I’ve tested this month, or indeed any other time and it do catches all the viruses too…and has passed all the virus tests like other well known antivirus products. But it requires system resources .. if ur system is a bit slower like 500Mhz.. then sure u will notice like a big slow motion ….means ur system performance will get effected when u scan ur system.

But no doubt at all that Sophos is a reliable & robust package indeed. But still the thing that counts is the speed and visually how the software is much friendly to u.. and there is a bit lack in that area…

Details: –

Ease of Use : 3 Star

Features : 2 Star

Performance : 3 Star

Value for Buying : 3 Star

Overall : 70% (Powerful, but left somewhat behind by the latest generation of Anti Virus packages for home users)

Publisher : Sophos PLC

Retailer’s Website :

Price : unknown

System Requirement : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


Norton Anti Virus is the one program ever1 knows about haha. Even readers of games magazines will know it. The reason is simply that it’s good at what it does, it’s very easy to get to grips with & doesn’t scare you unnecessarily every time it detects an infection on ur system.

Norton performs as admirably as b4. it’s still something of a resource hog, but modern PCs aren’t likely to notice this minor complaint. Means every use know who have uses Norton ever b4 that after installation of Norton ur system will bcome really slow.. means when u start scanning ur system then u r not able to work on ur computer (if ur computer is an old machine but if u have some thing like 1.5 GHZ machine or more then that then u will not feel slow performance at all). Performance is a flawless as ever, but I can’t help fell that the program needs to kick it up a notch & come up with something a little more radical to persuade us to upgrade from last year’s release.

Details: –

Ease of Use : 5 Star

Features : 4 Star

Performance : 5 Star

Value for Buying : 4 Star

Overall : 89% (Blocks online games, & it’s filtering is among the best, but lacks some features).

Publisher : Symantec

Retailer’s Website :

Price : 38 ₤

System Requirement : Windows 98/ME/2000 Pro/XP, 300 Mhz Processor, 128MB Ram

So it’s upto u that which antivirus software u want to use in ur computer bcoz u have to c all the things when ever u r going to install any thing in ur computer that whether that software supports ur computer.. and it will not make ur computer slow or decrease it’s performance.. and ofcourse how much it takes time to update the virus definations from internet and how much time it takes to scan ur computer.. all the things u have to calculate and then u have to install any 1 of the antivirus software.. hope that will be quite helpful to all of u to select any antivirus software..


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