Quarterly results are Healthy both Nationally and Internationally

From last week software companies in India are in processing and publishing the First Quarterly report. Some look better, some are seems to be good. TCS had a good acme in the profit of 630 Crores( 33% increase ), than the previous quarter, which had lost some crores. Infosys, as usual showed a healthy profit rise with 633 crores, but it had lost some pennies in the share, which made some in the country to babble about Infy, which news media also focussed. Wipro , had a good profit, but economist say that it doesn’t meet the expected Levels.Followed by , Satyam computers have also marked a good profit.

Also, another major event in the quarterly result release is that, TCS have merged Tata Infotech , ASDC with it. Also Wipro had planned to make acquisition of a small company. As by side, the SENSEX had reached a high peak of 7400 points. It registers a good performance. Even after the Wipro’s results, which is not up to the expected level, the SENSEX ascents.

For more on merger of TCS with TIL : http://www.tcs.com/investors/pdf/TCS_TIL_PR.pdf

From the international view, Google had posted a good acclivity in revenue, amazingly the profit is Quadrapled i.e 4 times the previous quarter ( 400% ),and the Google share climbs a peak of $317. Also Yahoo, it’s rival competetior showed a well built profit, but Yahoo shares showed some abate in it’s value.


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