Yahoo, doubles the size of Google

Now started a hot debate and fights between the rivals of search engine mammoth Google, Yahoo!. Last week Yahoo have set out a notion that it had doubled it’s index size to 19.2 billion documents including both text and picture, which is nearly double of Google, which sizes only an approximate of 8.1 billion documents.Google yells over the yahoo’s claim, that they had duplicated the index size. But Yahoo denies it. Also various enthusiast have evaluvated both the Yahoo and the Google’s search. The researches at the Center for Super Computer Applications have tried with about 10,500 ramdom quries to evaluvate both the systems. They have arrived to a conculsion that Google is working correct and retrives relevent content an average of about 116% more than that of Yahoo. In some 3% of cases, Yahoo delivers relevent content.

But none of the gaints have relvealed their serach algorithms, which is the soul of their business. Also most of the technological enthusiasts agree that Google retrives more relevent content than that of Yahoo.

Source: The Hindu, OP-ED Section, 16-7-2005


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