Checkout these factors before buying a HDD

I have received an email saying jot some factors before buying a new Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ). It was really useful so i thought to publish here.

Before buying a Hard Disk.

1. Check for RPM – higher the rpm , higher the data transfer rate.

  • ATA / SATA HDD – Go for 7,200 rpm . Don’t go for 5,400 rpm.
  • SCSI = >10,000 rpm

2. Don’t do low level partition frequently. You can do normal windows format. But a HDD can withstand max of 20 low level partitioning.

3. Check for warranty.

4. Check for protective sheild at the bottom of the HDD.

5. Never use the HDD verticaly, unless it is specifically manufactured for using vertically. Hitachi HDD can be used vertically.

6. GB mentioned in HDD = 1000 MB, not 1024 MB.

7. If you are buying new HDD for old motherboard, check whether the max HDD capacity supported by your motherboard BIOS. Even if doesn’t higher capacity HDD, still you can use it with ur old motherboard. You need to use the jumber for the pins – that specifies “limit my HDD capacity”.

Eg: Your motherboard supports only max HDD size of 80 GB, still u can use 120GB HDD with ur old motherboard – as per the above mentioned method. The will detect the 120GB as 80GB, but windows will show u all the 120GB.

8. Do u know , the life of HDD is 5 yrs for a frequent usage [ I had forgot the hour usage per day ].

9. If u partition the HDD, say it is 20GB, if u calculate the total size from all the partitions ,it will come around only 19.5GB. where is the remaining 0.5 GB gone???

As windows uses 1 GB = 1024 MB, and HDD manufactures ues 1 GB = 1000 MB, u will lose 480 MB in a 20 GB harddisk.And, When u partition the harddisk, the ramining space of around 1 GB is taken for partition and File Allocation table.

That’s y u will see only 19.5 GB out of 20GB Hard disk.

Regards & Thanks
– S.Maheshwaran



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