Hot Summer, Hot Campaigns, Lovely Home…

It was a very enjoyable weekend this time. Because, I am at my home with my lovely mom. Adding more spice to it, I had loads of movies stuff to watch with my mom which I bought from Chennai for my mom. I had bought about 13 movies, although I may not watch all, but would watch quite few which I liked to watch such as “V for Vendetta”, Ice Age-2, Pattiyal ( Tamil, Means The List ), Bunty aur Babli ( Hindi ), Black ( Hindi ), Sarkar ( Hindi ), Unnai Ninaithu ( Tamil, Means Thinking of You ). Of course some films which I watched are quite late. But anyway I’m happy that I have watched such good movies at least now. From the movies I had seen, IceAge-2, “V for Vendetta”, which are brand new films good enough to watch and entertaining! Ice Age is totally entertainer and “V for Vendetta” is a quite good social movie with an action mix. “V for Vendetta” had its debut, the choreography and picturesque of the movie is really good. Most of the movie made in darkness, but the storyline is quite good which overrides the irritating darkness in the movie.

The Movie Sarkar from the RamGopal Varma’s studio has his usual trademark direction shades.Another movie Unnai Ninaithu, a quite old film from Vikraman, one of the tamil movie director famous for the block buster movies such as Soorya Vamsam etc.

Also it’s the Tamilnadu election this time during my visit to hometown. About 4.3 Crore residents of Tamilnadu is in the excitement to choose their new chief minister for the state. Since my city is one of the major political place, the election campaigns were been conducted busily by the party members. But one thing I’ve noticed this time which had distinguished this election from the former is, there were no large posters, wall paintings which flows for kilometers (really wonder how the painter manage to write a single name in a wall which runs for meters), no cut-outs, no loud speakers. Without all these traditional things, the Tamilnadu election had lost it’s color. But Cool!!!….

In this mercury rising season, it was really tough to conduct election campaigns, I am really wondered how these party heads and members manage themselves to publicize their manifesto. This time another interesting scene is, few more new parties have emerged. But one party had captured my eyes, of course the eyes of lot of youngsters. Lok Paritran, A group of high-tech guys/gals from the IITs and foreign universities hosted a new party and some other new parties are from Captain ( Vijayakanth , Sweetly called so because of his stunts, of course abnormal stunts ) and another is Actor Karthik joined hand with a caste based party. As usual, even this time the hot war is between the two major parties AIADMK and DMK.

There were lots of promises this time which sounds very new, unless like the old election manifestos. TVs, Cable connection, Free Rice, Free gold, lot of last minute advantages etc. All these seems to blind the eyes of the voters and now it’s the voters finger to press down the right button this time to decide the Ruler of the India’s one of the high revenue generating state.


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