Stock Market Flickers

It was really an unprecedented siutation that a big crash would occur soon in the bullish market. This crash became a big woe for many of the new and existing investor. And more painful and shocking news is a quite a number of people dead on aftermath of crash. Gosh, I donno why these people take such foolish decission. It clearly shows that they are not good traders and don’t know how to trade in the money market.

These laymen are like insects being crushed by a mammoth crash in the market. I was discussing about this to my room mate Hari, who is an investor. I was saying him that one day or soon, the market would touch it’s own back results where it came from. First he didn’t get me, then in short I told him that the market might touch a four digit number soon, if this crash continues.

Market is really really struggling to climb up even a 100 points. Even then it climbs, investors are put in astray and tend to make money whenever the market raises because of the havoc. If this continues, what I am guessing would soon become a reality.

Also it seems that about half of the Foreign investement for India had been stopped in a week. And large COs are still booking profit in the market because of the dropping market. All this combined effort would lead to more havoc.


4 thoughts on “Stock Market Flickers

  1. It was really a unprecedented thing. I thought that market would crash nearly 9400-9500, but today it went down to 8929. I feel that my judgement was a bit overestimated.

    Also, gold had lost it’s glimmer in the past few months. It had now became 8800+ per 10 gm for 24ct

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