Godfather – Best Debt in the World Cinema History

Mari Puzo's The God fatherRecently I’ve finished watching the good old movie Godfather, all it’s 3 parts. There is nothing special from my side to say newly about this movie. The world already have rated and crowned the movie as the best movie ever in the history.

As the movie deals with the subject of criminals and Don, who are illegal according to the Federal law, this create a quite good eagerness to watch the movie like other stories. Even though, the movie’s story line is based upon a rocking Don in the one of the America’s biggest city, the movie doesn’t hold any big violence and bloody part. There are few traces of gun shots and murder, but everything is quite calm and normal unlike the current Indian movies.

Godfather the word used to describe the Don Vito Corleone, who is savour of poor, needy and help seeker, but even though he is a Don, who commands big businessman, his society and does lots of businesses such as Casinos, Hotels, Olive oil business etc. The first part’s 85% is entirely is of his story and 15% of the first part and the rest of the parts, moves with the life style of his successor , his son Micheal Corleone.


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