Dabba Trading – The Real Casino

After a long break, I myself had a view to my blog space and felt empty without any new info, so thought of putting a new article which I came across recently and patently an important stuff. Trading Terminal

It is a well know fact that the technology is being extensively used in the darker side. The dark arts users of technology has not left the Money market too. To describe Dabba trading in lay man words , “You put money to get 100 shares, but the software will register only 10 shares officially in the market, and you will see 100 in your screen, which makes you believe that you really purchased 100 stocks, which is specious”. It is not the investor who makes money, the broker who involves in trading on behalf of an investor makes the money, with 10% of cash put in their pockets illegally and unknown to the investor. Also these brokers don’t deal with successful investors, mostly targets the average and pity ones. There are pile of article well explaining about Dabba Trading.


2 thoughts on “Dabba Trading – The Real Casino

  1. In SAMANA , Distt PATIALA (PB.)-147101 one TICKET HOLDER of MCX name AGGARWAL COMTRADE LTD near STATE BANK OF INDIA do dabba trading & run away & cheat the people who trusted him it takes crores of rupee of clients.normal client doesn’t know that dabba trading is an punishable ofence for both broker & the client.why not MCX cancel him ticket & give advertisement on news paper so people don’t trade on such brokers.

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