Digital Passport

 200px-british-passport.jpgRecently I had read an article about the E-Passports which uses RFID chips to make the authentication more secure, but which is now criticized as a stupid usage of RFID in passports, which makes the data copy more easier than the conventional methods. This was proven by one of the German RFID expert in Blackhat conference. He says, the data can be easily transferred from one chip to another and this investment in passport is a total waste of bucks.    But, this idea of digitalizing the passport might spark some idea in jiffy which had left me writing my thoughts in this blog. With introducing an immaculate technology, one can increase the level of authentication and security. But finding an immaculate technology is bit difficult and nothing in this world be made immaculate.    One of the plausible technologies, which can provide a better solution for it is “biometrics”, where the issuance of passport and usage can be put under watchdog technology. The old idea in movies such as retina scan, facial geometry and the finger print scan can enhance the authentication of the person. If needed more biological part’s signal can be made used for it.    But the retina scan and the finger print scan had already proven it’s track record of most useful for authentication. The human retina is stable from facial-recognition-screensaver.jpgbirth to death, making it the most accurate biometric to measure. A retinal scan involves the reading of blood vessel patterns, producing very accurate biometric data. Also the retina scan is more secure in another way, i.e. the retina of a deceased person quickly decays and cannot be used to deceive a retinal scan.

 Next to the retina is Facial geometry such as 3D Face recogonition, which had proved to be far more accurate than the 2D.    The Ministry of External Affairs could start implement such technology, which would be a initial move for digitalizing the identity of a citizen in India. So, the challenge is now to introduce such a technology and make it a frequent one. Secondly, the world should follow the same technique, so that the synchronization can be brought.

 Also, people holding passports are less in numbers when compared to tax payers and ration card holders. So by intially starting with less head count can make this intiative possible and which in future could be expanded to various purposes and finally all the services can be unified as a single database.

 The advantage of this could be minimizing the fradulent entry or exit of person from India. This is only minimizing and not fully wipe off the frauds, but let the Government begin on it and slowly can extends it’s web so that macculate people get stick to the web.    But as of now, Indian government could issue paper passport and start using the technology. But there should be speculation on this new entry as the Newton’s famous 3rd law holds true universally.

Still one question bugs me. Does this move had taken by any other country ? Not such RFID, but the implementation of biometrics in passports.

I would welcome you to pour your views and ideas on this.


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