Fun packed learning in TCS

Today I had a nice time with my new TCS Collegues, who are been selected for attending the Manangement Training in the VGP Golden Resort Beach. That was all fun packed programm stuff conducted by Air Commodore Mr.Job ( pronounced as Jobe ).

Started exactly at 9:30 A.M, had series of games ina fun mood and finally with the learning of the jist of the management point resided in it. Totally a package of 4 games, lasted upto 4:45 P.M and he had ended it up exactly at 5:00 P.M.

After the game, we had a fun wal k in the beach , ofcourse not a long walk and besides that there were two flim shooting were going on. So today it was totally a fun packed and the blast of the day.

TCS can be admired very well in this kind of activities. Right from entering into the world of TCS as a fresher, TCS’ Initial Learning Programme ( ILP ) starts it’s steps in building the relationship between unmet , new faces all over world. Now this is another step to it and I would remember this day as it has given me a whole new 30 friends from TCS.


4 thoughts on “Fun packed learning in TCS

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