Dawn of the Day

Today is marked as one of the exiting and memorable day for few people around the word who work for the TCS. Yeah, even I’m one of that gang. We have sucessfully completed a year in our professional career. Heading the future with a challenge and innate to win!!!

 Rewinding back, a year exactly, we all were new faces to each other in the TVM ILP, looking at each other, struggled for intros, and I still remember how everyone in the gang got introduced to each other ( Fish fry, Biriyani, Semiya, Dosas, Parotas, spaghetti etc…)

Those days stays in everyone’s mind not for enjoyment and fun, but for the many, the days changed their life and behaviour, the exposure they got , the talents acquired, the motivation, the..every thing…, few got a new life, few learnt the life and people and few reshaped others!!! It’s a masala mix of fun, tears, songs, dance, comedy.

Good or Bad, ILP in TCS is one of the great rocking days in the life of any TCSer and no one can disagree.

One in our gang, ranked one the best in her colossal team for this month, which was a blissful news for the entier gang. Sandy, the star girl,  is a perfect example of hard work and brilliancy. She is awared the “Star of the Month” and hope she would remain a star in TCS ever. Next the quite Shannu, who rocked the TCS with a early confirmation with a Five pointer ( Heh he, not a Chetan Bagat’s one ). And many in our gang had a good track record in the one year life at TCS.

Wish them all a great success ( also includes me πŸ˜‰ ) for the forthcomming challenges.

We rock!!!


8 thoughts on “Dawn of the Day

  1. Hi to my Family,

    The last one year passed like a bullet… but, still we are cherishing the sweet memories of our ILP, we are still missing each other… Isnt it the victory of our love & affection, that we are still in hearts of each other and will leave forever n ever!
    Love u All!!


  2. Ya, its really been a pleasant day, having completed 1 year in TCS with fruitful experience.

    Everyone of our BG, as 1 year old TCSers, having undergone many twists & twirls for all our life in TCS, finally have achieved their first milestone.

    This day would be one of the most memorable day for all of us, which will linger in our heart forever.

    Wish you all perform your best for rest of your ages in TCS.


  3. Hii everyone!!!

    Count my wishes in too, in the big big bouquet of congratulations !! πŸ™‚
    Seriously,its hard to believe that a year has passed since we all met!! It all seems so far, and yet so near!!
    Congratulations to everyone once again!! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  4. Hi all
    This day is definitely a mile stone for everyone of us and also for TCS for employing us .
    It all started by naming everyone with FMCG products and food items (spagheti ,cakes,fish,idlies etc..)and today it has been fantastic knowing everyone of you…

    Juz a year back >>>>>

    >>>BG continental
    >>>Deepavali celebration
    >>>Movie —The babe
    >>>Song we sung –Vandemataram
    >>>Kajrarre song
    >>>Skit – The monkey arun
    >>>Chakli – From anushree
    >>>Our visits – kovalam (The whole night stay at beach )
    >>>My project leader – Amit Anand
    >>>All the fun – Buzz(The police story)
    >>>Ofcourse ——-T86 the best batch

    Really missing everyone of you….Thanks to mahesh for giving me the space to express .My wishes and prayers to all.

    Hope we bring our best in the coming days !!!!!!!!!!

    With love and prayers,
    K HariPrasad

  5. Wow!!! Hari, just made up a biggggg…list..
    Even there is still more for Hari and Me ;-), the unforgottable Food Mahal hotel near by B.G, where we ate like anything…

    Also, the dance in the culturals..we had at the end…full of joy, which everyone danced forgetting the world….

  6. Hi everyone,
    I too agree with everybody else. The past 1 year has gone like the blink of an eye. I couldnt stop myself recalling the great old days..the presious moments of our life we shared together. I truly agree with maddy whilst his saying “It’s a masala mix of fun, tears, songs, dance, comedy”. It truly was..I hope everybody has planned his or her journey lying ahead and its gonna be a very very long one. My heartiest wishes to the BG and T86 family..May all succeed in their endeavours and make a proud name for themselves…I have hardly had a word with many of you and would like to utilise this space to convey my feelings to everybody that i love u all from the bottom of my heart and i miss u guys and girls..
    With Love, wishes and blessings for the future

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