Unexpected Resolution

I don’t know what happened to me for the past few days. I’ve started playing Table tennis, Shuttle Cork ( some call as Badminton ) and my legs, shoulders and body whoop…started paining. I was just thinking from where does such an enthuse came into my body. I was like a Couch potato, sitting in the same old rotating chair, in front of a high tech & high configured PC and working for more than 10 hours per day!!

Previously, I was a “No Time” guy ( like the most ) for a past two years. I’ve got to hear lot of advise , speeches, arivurai & bhudi from my near and dear ones. But nothing tried to change me. Once myself and my friend started taking resolutions , i.e. leaving home from office by 6:00 PM and on demand, can be to a max of 7:00 PM. But like any new year / b’day resolution, even my resolution went in air.

It was one fine day, where I was sitting and thinking of my work style and thinking of migration to the new Office at Siruseri ( Red Push Pin in Map ) . My new office will be like a “Water World” island, where if you miss out the timings , forget the chance of reaching home. Such a wonderland, we are going to move.

The thought of such haunted locality, really keeps me to think of something that I can do seriously and cultivate it as a habit. The only think I can  think of is the same old resolution. But this time, serious. I’ve started implementing it and I have to. Because, I can’t risk myself on anything silly things that I do. So, started to finish off my work soon, engage myself in other activities that keeps both my mind and body healthy. So, the above said games participation. And as a luck or chance, the cultural & sports event of our project started. So, things synced up right now. And I hope I would succeed in my resolution.


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