50,000+ and Counting…

Yesterday I’ve noticed that my blog hit have crossed the 50,000+ mark. I still remember the day that I’ve created the WordPress ( in March 29th 2006 ) blog and migrated from Blogger software. The main reason I had at that time for the migration is the organizing the content under tags. WordPress, gave a great interface organizing the information accordingly. Also, various themes, stat tools really impressed me to switch over to it.

I could see a gradual increase over the readership of my blog. And in the month of October, it have reached the 50,000+ readers.

I just glanced the information of my blog. I feel that my blog should need a re-org of information. In future I’m planning to add new contents and topics. Hope I keep my readers providing new information.




One thought on “50,000+ and Counting…

  1. Hey Maddy!!
    Congratulations man!!! 🙂
    Gimme some tips for increasing the peeps on my blog as well man….
    Me too in the business since Oct’06…and my stats currently show just 6666……

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