Best of Blog Software

I always used to keep updates of all my software, tools and utilities I use. Because, I would like use to best of items in everything. Similarly, I was interested in knowing about the WordPress facilities and would like to compare between it’s contemporaries.

imageBut I was clueless like how to start with the comparison and how to approach and end with that. I’m sure that it would like a couple of days to make such comparison. And according to me, it’s not w

orth spending for such thing( don’t think of much, I’m just a lazy fellow ). So was just Googling and found an interesting site where people of my mind had put a big comparison table .

This is the link which I found!!!


  imageBut, WordPress disappoints me in quite few things. WordPress, offers editing custom CSS at some cost. Also, no Captchas is built in the wordpress yet ( I guess people should be working on it ). So, I used to get lot of junk comments and my Akismet is tired of filtering it out.


Anyways, This make me 🙂 that I use one of the best blogging software.

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