Exquisite Shopping and Dining

October & November are the months of festivals. Starting  from Tirupathi Bhramostavam, the mood of festival continues to Ramzan and Diwali. This time, my choice of shopping were towards Jhill Mil and Globus. I’d like to go to lifestyle, but still I have no enough courage to go there 😉 , coz my wallet sweeps 😦 , even I’ve to give him enough money and allow him to serve the lifetime purpose right in my pocket( heh he..).Jhill Mil, a subsidiary of Kumaran Stores, Chennai’s famous silk house. I’ve got my lovely mom a colorful saree, where I would like to tear the price tag, else she would love to scream over me.Whoop, I can’t just do all the gimmicks to escape from things!!! 😉imageGlobus has prices it’s items quite high. I would get a thin knitted T-shirt for 500 bucks, where if my dad would screw me if he hears that. Got nice trousers and t-shirts and a cosmetic. But, these Globus fellows are great biz-minded. They had given two watches ( One watch for 3000 bucks ), one fast track goggle. as a free gift. Gosh, I was just thinking how much profit would these fellow earn. I’m damn sure that the price that I’ve paid for the items I’ve purchased includes the price for watches and goggles. Because the rule is simple ,

No one does business for free

After a long time long purchase, had a nice lunch at Green Park hotel. With all my hungry stomach that I went inside Green Park, just made me smile when I saw a rack full of lunch. I’m a food lover and like to eat varieties and lot. Having a good dining is always pleasing. 

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One thought on “Exquisite Shopping and Dining

  1. Hey,
    So had a great day & washed many K’s from your pocket. Your are right man, globus labels high cost on item’s. So using cosmetic too ;-), what any idea of entering into cinema’s anhh!!!! Even I saw you at Green Park on staturday with lot of bag’s on both side’s…

    Ok Take care

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