India Nowhere in the ‘Broad’Band

Today came across a web tool to test the speed of Broadband Internet service Provider , The site provides a flash based tool, with neat animation and counters to measure the speed of the upload / download limit of the broadband provided by your ISP.

It provides facility to measure the speed using various servers around the world. I’ve measured my ISP’s speed using servers located at Mumbai, Sweden, Texas and I could see a variable difference in my ISP’s speed.

This makes me understand on, how big does a server makes difference when it is available near by. I used to wonder why Yahoo had moved my data to India server. I got my answers now.

I’ve a 256 KBPs , Bharti Airtel Broadband and I’m quite impressed and satisfied with the test result. I just ran the test result 5 times and I could see an average of 280KBPs as Upload limit and 220 KBPs for Download limit.

Using Mumbai Server



Using Sweden Server

Oh god, it’s declining…



Using Texas Server

Such a long distance connect, still working quite faster. I was expecting to drop below 100Kbps.



Also they provide some interesting comparison on the speed of Broadband provided by various ISP’s in my location ( Chennai ). Also it charts the usage of Broadband and various speed limits across state and country. I checked with Tamilnadu and India.



Across India

I could see Assam ( :-0 ) has a greater download speed


and Jammu & Kashmir has a greater upload speed.


I couldn’t believe the above comparison. How could these two states might have a greater speed. Probably people doesn’t use Internet much in those area, so that bandwidth is not very much occupied.

Continent Wise

I could not see India anywhere in the chart. Do any of your find it? I guess India has a long way to go ahead in the Broadband revolution.



This results proves that India has more way to travel in the Broadband road to reach other countries. It’s really sad that even the India’s NIC centre doesn’t have such a rocking Internet to compete with other countries.

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