Trackbacks – Know about it

Today read a good post on Trackbacks. Andy Wibbels had written in a elegant and way to know about Trackbacks in blog and how to make use of that efficiently. Have a look at his post.


One sample is, OpenGiga had written an article linking to one of my article on Adobe Share on it’s blog.



You you would see Trackbacks link in your WordPress admin area.


Windows Live Writter – Bookmarking Plugin

I’m using Windows Live Writer for writing my blogs. It’s awesome features impressed me to stick to it.Since I use WordPress blog and it’s free hosting services, I couldn’t make my blog look and feel like what I want. Until few days back, I couldn’t insert Digg, I couldn’t add the links of Social sites to share my posts. Few days back I came to know about how to insert a Digg link into the blog post.

Insert the below snippet in your blog post HTML.This small snippet in the WordPress is cool.

[ “digg = You digg link to the blogpost” ]

So similarly I tried searching for Windows Live Writer plugins that would make me to add my blog various social sites.

Here came a plug-in from Rahul Soni’s blog.

But one small drawback is, you can’t get things out of this plug-in during your first submission of any blog post.

Becuase the plug-in requires URL of your blog post.

So, first submit your post and let your blog software generate a URL. Then again edit the same blog post to create the social site links for sharing your blog posts.


You get this, image

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50,000+ and Counting…

Yesterday I’ve noticed that my blog hit have crossed the 50,000+ mark. I still remember the day that I’ve created the WordPress ( in March 29th 2006 ) blog and migrated from Blogger software. The main reason I had at that time for the migration is the organizing the content under tags. WordPress, gave a great interface organizing the information accordingly. Also, various themes, stat tools really impressed me to switch over to it.

I could see a gradual increase over the readership of my blog. And in the month of October, it have reached the 50,000+ readers.

I just glanced the information of my blog. I feel that my blog should need a re-org of information. In future I’m planning to add new contents and topics. Hope I keep my readers providing new information.



Markets are Bloody, might make you bleed more..

Markets are tumbling and struggling to maintain their position above 13,500. Today market have reached below 13,500 i.e reached 13,400. Short after Sensex reaching14,000 mark, market skidded down to 12,800 more than 1000 points below in the same week , but soon recovered back.

The contributors for this fall is from all angles, Auto, Bank, Metals ( Both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous ), Infrastructure etc. But the major strike came from the announcement of CRR and IIP weakness data which added up to the decline of the market.

Some Experts expects for a market fall below 12,500 level, but if that is going to be the case, then the nightmare of April will be back in this Christmas and New Year, which will make the investors to bleed more.

But chances are less for reaching below 12,500. Market will sure sustain the mark above 13,000.

One good news which soothes the market fall is, India’s GDP reached the expected level of 9.1%, but on the other side, the inflation is raising and reached 5.1% , but below the RBI’s mark i.e 5.0% to 5.5%.

But, raising GDP might overheat the market and might heatup the inflation too. RBI had ordered banks to increase the reserves in bank, which obviously means that distribution of loans will be reduced.

All time Apps – 25 Killer Apps

Peter Coffee of e-Week, has list out 25 all time favorite applications.

You can find, Out of 25 applications, more than 5 applications from the Apple Workshop. Apple’s elegant design, robust structure of software had made it a sucessful Computer application entity.,1205,l=&s=26705&a=196169&po=25,00.asp?p=y