How to make google reader to voice read your feeds

Google reader now supports ARIA technologies which makes google reader to read the feeds through voice

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India Nowhere in the ‘Broad’Band

Today came across a web tool to test the speed of Broadband Internet service Provider , The site provides a flash based tool, with neat animation and counters to measure the speed of the upload / download limit of the broadband provided by your ISP.

It provides facility to measure the speed using various servers around the world. I’ve measured my ISP’s speed using servers located at Mumbai, Sweden, Texas and I could see a variable difference in my ISP’s speed.

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Trackbacks – Know about it

Today read a good post on Trackbacks. Andy Wibbels had written in a elegant and way to know about Trackbacks in blog and how to make use of that efficiently. Have a look at his post.


One sample is, OpenGiga had written an article linking to one of my article on Adobe Share on it’s blog.



You you would see Trackbacks link in your WordPress admin area.


A Firefox bug, prevailing more than 2.5 years

Today I noticed something fishy in the Google Reader while reading the Chennai MetBlog Post of Iniya Pongal Nalvalthukkal. I was viewing the post through Google Reader using Mozilla Firefox Downloaded yesterday Jan-14-2008).

The fishy thing is Tamil Indic text rendered by Firefox was garbled. I checked quickly with other Indic language scripts( Hindi, Telugu, Kannada ). They seems to render properly.

The post which I was reading in Firefox , which renders Tamil Indic text.


Same through the Microsoft Internet Explorer. I could see correct text rendered.


I checked with one of the Wikipedia article which runs test for rendering the Unicode Indic scripts.

The 2nd Column shows the correct rendering, 3rd column displays the Wrong Indic rendering in the current browser ( Firefox )


The 2nd Column shows the correct rendering, 3rd column displays the Correct Indic rendering in the current browser ( Internet Explorer )


Then I verified the rendering of Tamil Wikipedia in both the Browsers.


Tamil Wikipedia rendered in Internet Explorer


IE rocks in rendering the Tamil Unicode pages properly.

I checked in the BlogoSphere to find any such blogs have already complained about this problem and found I found Vasanth Dharmaraj’s blog. Surprising things is, he complained the problem on Aug, 2005.

Also I checked with another site which has the details of the bug and the fix. The site says that the fix will be shipped in 2007. Also, it lists some trackbacks of the bug.

Immediately I did a search in Bugzilla. The bug has been reported more than twice to the developers.

  • Bug 292429 – Tamil Unicode is not displayed properly
  • Bug 391805 – Firefox does not display proper Tamil,Telugu letters(Unicode)
  • Bug 333659 – Move nsTextFrame over to Thebes APIs

It’s about 2.5+ years and still the problem is in Firefox. I’m really surprised why Firefox developers hasn’t fixed it until.