Unconference Book

image A Couple of days back my corporate CTO blog had a discussion on the “” stuff and it had a great response. People are ready and interested for the and created lot of motive in it. It was again a new term that I came across in the CTO blog for the first time. I just started to dig into it and found lot of interested stuff about it. Now recently came across an effort of creating a book on . I just loved the quote “Because the Audience is More Intelligent than the speaker”. Thinking over the idea of , from the day one of the human started to make use of languages and acquire friends, there is . The usually occurs between two or more, either in family or friends. If you sit and think over it for quite few minutes, being with friends, we would have discussed about lot of things , comments on various things we see etc. So, we are always doing Unconference and it will exist and evolve in all aspects from this movement!!!

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