Yahoo Pipes Filter for Hindu BusinessLine


Yahoo Pipes filter for Hindu BusinessLine Magazine!!!
This filters down the news items from Hindu Business line. This pipe filters Technology, Finance, Auto, Computer News items. I’ve just developed it , when I got irritated reading 1000+ news items from Hindu BusinessLine magazine.

Below are the feed sources for the pipe.

Check out my pipe here incase you want to customize more.

digg story


Microsoft Popfly

Microsoft Popfly Welcome to Popfly!

Popfly, a Microsoft’s Venture. Wondered what it is going to be like? I had a lot of thoughts before getting into it. A gadget site, or Yahoo Pipe kind of stuff?? But finally an Website creator!!!


Ennaya ithu, Yet Another Web Based Website Creator. Similar to GooglePages. But one thing to note is some mashup is available. This mashup is built on Microsoft’s Silverlight.

This will be helpful for children to play around..