Make quick notes in Google Notebook

Google Notebook, a novel idea from google, at first didn’t impress me. Whenever I come across any content that should be made note of, I used to copy and store it in my gmail. But things became difficult when my corporate blocked the mail programs. Then the only way was to forward the mail to my corporate id for any references that I’ve made.

Herecomes the Google Notebook the saviour of time and energy for me.

Google Notebook, allows me to add text items.

Each items are dragabble, so it’s very comfortable to organize the notes made.


Tag your notes for easy references.

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The Trash section is very useful when you unknowingly deleted any notes


Also create categories, sections to the notes that you make in the notebook.

Sort your numerous topics notes that you have created.


It would be very useful if google could add a facility to make a note through mobile, like Twitter or Google Calendar.

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War of the ‘Office’

Long lasted monopoly of Office software slowing down. When Google joins the battle of Online Office software, which Microsoft never anticipated, Google’s slow entrance into the Office software has begun. Now the Redmond Giant has started it’s rivalry of Google, the Online Office. Now on the other side the IBM gets into the Office software business, the Lotus Symphony.

IBM’s largest Collaboration tools now redesigned as Office tools and under beta. The IBM’s major leap in the office business is currently a night mare for the Redmond and Googlplex giants.Already Sun Microsystems’ Star Office and GNU community’s Open Office was a moderate hit in the Office software, now it seems that there is a healthy competition in the Office software business. But hope that all the document created across various tools are compatible with each other.Else, having such a huge competition will be of no use and again the same old proprietary software comes into live.

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Google 2.0 planning for $100 billion

Google undergoes major upgradation, the next generation Google 2.0. Google’s next venture building Hypercube for the search and internet applications targets.

The new brand application will search across all kind of information like images, videos, documents, maps, books, public chat transcript and many more. More over the Google 2.0 application will be built to integrate with Google Desktop application.

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