Quick menu appearance in Windows XP

image I installed Microsoft Windows XP SP3 a week back. I could notice a considerable change in my laptop. Read about the details on SP3 some fixes. Opening up Windows Explorer, Right click on Windows desktop, Open Desktop, Opening up of Programs Menu everything is quickly appearing after installing the SP3. For Genuine Windows XP version, you don’t have to worry about it. Get the copy of SP3 package from Microsoft website. It’s free to download and it’s about 336 MB package. There’s been a news that XP SP3 has borrowed features from the Windows Vista too.


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All time Apps – 25 Killer Apps

Peter Coffee of e-Week, has list out 25 all time favorite applications.

You can find, Out of 25 applications, more than 5 applications from the Apple Workshop. Apple’s elegant design, robust structure of software had made it a sucessful Computer application entity.


Windows – Past,Present and Future

Windows – Past,Present and Future – Longhorn (VISTA) Intro Video

A Pictorial Presentation about the Past, Present and Future of Windows.

Extracted from a Video relating to the release of VISTA, made by Microsoft. This is been posted by Bharat. His blog can be accessed at http://xthost.info/dexter/longhorn/