Quick menu appearance in Windows XP

image I installed Microsoft Windows XP SP3 a week back. I could notice a considerable change in my laptop. Read about the details on SP3 some fixes. Opening up Windows Explorer, Right click on Windows desktop, Open Desktop, Opening up of Programs Menu everything is quickly appearing after installing the SP3. For Genuine Windows XP version, you don’t have to worry about it. Get the copy of SP3 package from Microsoft website. It’s free to download and it’s about 336 MB package. There’s been a news that XP SP3 has borrowed features from the Windows Vista too.


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Windows Live Writter – Bookmarking Plugin

I’m using Windows Live Writer for writing my blogs. It’s awesome features impressed me to stick to it.Since I use WordPress blog and it’s free hosting services, I couldn’t make my blog look and feel like what I want. Until few days back, I couldn’t insert Digg, I couldn’t add the links of Social sites to share my posts. Few days back I came to know about how to insert a Digg link into the blog post.

Insert the below snippet in your blog post HTML.This small snippet in the WordPress is cool.

[ “digg = You digg link to the blogpost” ]

So similarly I tried searching for Windows Live Writer plugins that would make me to add my blog various social sites.

Here came a plug-in from Rahul Soni’s blog.

But one small drawback is, you can’t get things out of this plug-in during your first submission of any blog post.

Becuase the plug-in requires URL of your blog post.

So, first submit your post and let your blog software generate a URL. Then again edit the same blog post to create the social site links for sharing your blog posts.


You get this, image

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Microsoft Popfly

Microsoft Popfly Welcome to Popfly!

Popfly, a Microsoft’s Venture. Wondered what it is going to be like? I had a lot of thoughts before getting into it. A gadget site, or Yahoo Pipe kind of stuff?? But finally an Website creator!!!


Ennaya ithu, Yet Another Web Based Website Creator. Similar to GooglePages. But one thing to note is some mashup is available. This mashup is built on Microsoft’s Silverlight.

This will be helpful for children to play around..

War of the ‘Office’

Long lasted monopoly of Office software slowing down. When Google joins the battle of Online Office software, which Microsoft never anticipated, Google’s slow entrance into the Office software has begun. Now the Redmond Giant has started it’s rivalry of Google, the Online Office. Now on the other side the IBM gets into the Office software business, the Lotus Symphony.

IBM’s largest Collaboration tools now redesigned as Office tools and under beta. The IBM’s major leap in the office business is currently a night mare for the Redmond and Googlplex giants.Already Sun Microsystems’ Star Office and GNU community’s Open Office was a moderate hit in the Office software, now it seems that there is a healthy competition in the Office software business. But hope that all the document created across various tools are compatible with each other.Else, having such a huge competition will be of no use and again the same old proprietary software comes into live.

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