Web Discovery

You can read the Net’s puthu ( New ) matter in this showcase.

Disclaimer: This list is my discovery, Probably you might know these before I’m aware of.

Note: The list grows as latest in Reverse Chronological Order.

image Pownce – A twitter kind of site. But with a change, you can send big files, send event news, shout things to your friends.
image Your Media Library – Amazon’s sleath move into the social Crew. Organize your Media ( Books, Music, Video, Pods ) etc.
image Remember The Milk – A TO-DO, GTD ( Get Things Done ) tracking Web 2.0 powered newbie.
image Yahoo Mash – A Facebook , Orkut kind of application from Yahoo
image Yahoo Pipes – Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.
GrandCentral – New and Innovative way to make use of the Mobile Phone.
OpenSocial – A new initiative from Google to bring all the social webs under one umbrella.
 image Google Mashup – An Mashup Editor with Google Mashup Markup language.
image Google Reader – RSS feed reader
image3 Google Notebook – A cool product from the Google, which helps me to note my scraps quick and access anywhere around the world. Check it out.
image8 Google Calendar – Google Calendar , go use it as as TO-DO, Micro Journal, Personal Calendar.
image12 Google Docs – Should be your personal document manager.

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