Windows Live Writter – Bookmarking Plugin

I’m using Windows Live Writer for writing my blogs. It’s awesome features impressed me to stick to it.Since I use WordPress blog and it’s free hosting services, I couldn’t make my blog look and feel like what I want. Until few days back, I couldn’t insert Digg, I couldn’t add the links of Social sites to share my posts. Few days back I came to know about how to insert a Digg link into the blog post.

Insert the below snippet in your blog post HTML.This small snippet in the WordPress is cool.

[ “digg = You digg link to the blogpost” ]

So similarly I tried searching for Windows Live Writer plugins that would make me to add my blog various social sites.

Here came a plug-in from Rahul Soni’s blog.

But one small drawback is, you can’t get things out of this plug-in during your first submission of any blog post.

Becuase the plug-in requires URL of your blog post.

So, first submit your post and let your blog software generate a URL. Then again edit the same blog post to create the social site links for sharing your blog posts.


You get this, image

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